Pushpa Convent Education Society is a non-political, non-profit making, non- government, secular, grass root voluntary organization. Our society working among different district for different tribes. All these area are very poor. There are no any employment and no any business for tribe group. All tribe depend upon on the forest.

Time to time society run awareness camp and explain to them their rights “What is your Right”, and how you can turn your life style for bright future.

We conducted meeting by our society and also we do motivate all the parents in their language. We do motivate them to send your children in the school and we keep their children in the hostel and we distribute free books, stationary, dresses and food to them. We provide all the regular needs to them.

At present, from class 1st to 8th, 240 tribe girls are studying and staying in the hostel . We do not take any fees from them like this/in our Non-Residential school 100 boys & girls are studying here. For this Non-Residential school our society provide mid-day meal, free stationary, books, shoes, socks and all regular goods provide to them.

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